Network Design and Support

Network Design and Support

Networking the computers in your office is simple, inexpensive, and offers tremendous benefits, such as:

Sharing Printers.  Save money by buying just a couple of printers that all the users can share. 

File Sharing.  Setting up a file server provides a central location for your company's critical data, which allows multiple people to use it, and makes back ups much easier and more reliable.  


Data Security

Security can be set up to ensure that sensitive data is protected.  A secured, locked-up network server is much safer than a desktop computer for storing sensitive data like payroll and accounting records.  Any PC that can be physically touched can be compromised.  Storing all of the data on a server takes the sensitive data off the desktop PCs. 

Internet Access.  Networked computers can access the Internet and email.  Email can be a great tool within your company, as well as when dealing with the outside world.

Wireless.  Do you have frequent visitors to your office?  If so, having wireless Internet available may be a great idea.  We can plan your wireless network to be both secure and convenient.

It's really a great time to build a network if you don't already have one.  Wireless networks are available which operate on the same principles as cordless telephones.  This eliminates unsightly wires and allows freedom of movementh. However at this point in time,  for greater access speeds, physically cabled networks offer increased throughput in comparison to their wireless counterparts.  Standard network cabling and cards are extremely affordable and can be set up quickly too.

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