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We specialise in computer repair, installation, and support services for small business owners in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft, Norwich and Surrounding areas in Norfolk and Suffolk, England. Now with the availability of dependable and secure online services such as those available at microsoft, location is increasing becoming less important, but being located within East Anglia areas in the UK helps.

Our typical customer has 2 to 60 Desktop / workstations, is a Small / Medium Size Business operation , could be an engineering, manufacturing, estate agent, financial services , legal services, might be easier to say any business that appreciates the enormous benefits of integrating their IT for the benefit e-mail, document management systems, work collaboration,  and relies heavily on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for running their business.

Our clients engage us to support their network infrastracture because they do not want to incur the overhead and cost of a full-time IT staff, and they don’t want to burden their employees with the responsibility of troubleshooting the company network.

mouse           usb cable 
 Small Business Server (SBS)  An essential part of your network hardware infrastructure


We are most successful in working with clients that:

  • Demand reliability and security from their computer network
  • See technology as a power tool for increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantages
  • Want a technology partner that will act as a trusted advisor and seek to improve the productivity, profitability, and operations of their business through technology
  • Are willing to invest in technology to improve communication and eliminate manual tasks
  • Phone becs on: 0845 166 2765 or 01493 330498

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