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Cyber Complexity presents difficulty in combating Cyberattacks – Study reveals

A new Perimeter 81 Study reveals that 71% of VPs and CIOs have difficulty in combating Cyberattacks due to Cyber Complexity. This is a survey of emerging threats in cybersecurity caused by cyber complexity, and as a result call for, maybe, a new approach. Perimeter 81 Seeks to Radically Simplify Cybersecurity with New Cybersecurity Experience…

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11. The difference between Windows 10 vs Windows 11 starts with their system requirements which lay the foundation of what each operating system (OS) can deliver. The IT landscape is continuously evolving so each OS is created in response. Windows 11 has responded to the changing perimeter of company networks which…